Virtual Image Solutions

3D Virtual tours


  1. If you are unable to make the appointment time, or need to cancel the 3D Showcase, you are required to give a 24 hour “advance” notice. All appointments cancelled without a 24 hour advance notice will be result in a non-refundable $29 cancellation fee.
  2. When our staff arrives at the home and he/she is unable to enter the property, the property is not easy to walk through, or animals are not caged/restrained, the 3D scan will not be possible and you will not receive a refund, but may be given the opportunity to reschedule based on availability.
  3. A 3D Showcase has a 12-24 hour post appointment processing time, depending on the square footage and number of scans taken. We will make every effort to get your 3D Showcase and Snapshots to you as soon as possible, but please note that it may take up to 48 hours for intense 3D rendering.
  4. While California and Nevada's weather is usually friendly except for wind and scattered showers, there are times when severe weather will interrupt or prevent a timely job completion. If the weather becomes a problem to the complete a 3D Showcase, or makes it impossible altogether, we will stop until the weather becomes our friend again and immediately move forward until the job is done. We consider the following weather to be a problem for proper scanning: Earthquakes, Torrential Downpour, and Fire.
  5. A $40 trip charge will be added to any order if the location falls outside of the following counties: Ventura Co, Los Angeles Co, Santa Barbara Co, Butte Co and Clark Co. Nevada.
  6. 3D Scans cannot be edited. A scan is NOT a video. If there is something in the house or business you don’t want scanned, remove it before the appointment. If you require the room(s) be re-scanned, the entire house must be scanned and billed as a new scan.
  7. Please understand that there are some areas of the home that may not be scannable. For example: Inside small closets, behind tight fitting furniture,
    in tiny utility rooms, and rooms with narrow doorways. All doors inside remain open to make sure there is a view between scans for creating a 3D space… If opening a door blocks a space of the house, that space cannot be included in the contiguous scan, BUT it can be scanned separately as a 360 degree image and included in the highlight reel of the showcase. In these instances, we make every attempt to scan the closest location to allow a connected view.
  8. 3D Scans are completed for the interior of the property ONLY. We do not 3D scan outdoors (special exceptions can be made on overcast days or nighttime scans in well lit areas), however we can take 360 degree Snapshots to include in the showcase. We scan garages with the door down or up and will add that to the total square footage.
  9. Full Preview Will NOT edit Snapshots to exclude blemishes, damage, or anything that would otherwise make the photography misrepresent the property.
  10. Hosting:
    • Property listings will be hosted for free for the first 6 (six) months; a typical listing period.  If your scan needs to be available continuously until it is sold or unlisted, we can continue to host a scan for an additional $19.95 per month.
    • Business scans are hosted, immediately, on a subscription basis, at a rate of $19.95 per month, based on the size of the space, perpetually until canceled. There will be a grace period of 10 days if a subscription payment is missed or declined. Otherwise, your business showcase will be removed from the internet until payments are made current.
  11. Restrictions: Due to the specialized nature of the camera, there are some restrictions on what we can do which may or may not be influenced by the type of property being scanned. Please be aware that:
    • The camera does NOT scan successfully through or on top of direct sunlight.
    • Windows facing direct sunlight or without proper coverings may experience overexposure, as well as sun spots on floors.
    • The complete scan can only accomplished by connected spaces within the interior. We cannot do detached garages or exterior sheds as part of the contiguous 3D Showcase, but we can do them as 360 degree Snapshots, included in your highlight reel.

A 3D Scan is NOT a video. Scans cannot be edited – however, we can add text, images, links and videos that you provide us,
within the scan